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Layla Nearly Didn’t Enter The WWE’s Diva Search In 2006


Layla sat down with DS Shin of Ring the Belle recently and revealed how she went about auditioning for the WWE Diva’s Search in 2006.

The former Women’s Champion, in her first interview since stepping away from the ring in 2015, opened up about her career which began with her Diva’s Search victory in 2006. Layla explained that it changed her life, but amazingly she almost didn’t go to her audition.

I remember crossing my finger, I really thought that I was not going to win that. It still tears me up, it still makes me cry because it changed my life.

I was a Heat dancer, which I think a lot of people already knew. A lady called Allison reached out to me when we had Myspace… so she reached out to me on Myspace and was like, “Hey, we have try-outs in your area, would you like to come along?” The day of the actual audition I was laying in bed, it was storming outside, and I’m like, “I’m just going to lay in bed all day.”

Then something just told me to get up, go answer that message, get the address and go. I did and I ended up being two hours late because of the hurricane that was happening and everything. Jane, who was one of the casting ladies there, waited for me, took my interview, and I will always be thankful to Allison and Jane because they actually got me my first opportunity to be seen and to get onto the Diva’s Search. Changed my life. Changed my life completely.

The 2006 Divas Search included more future WWE stars including Maryse and Rosa Mendes. But it was Layla of London England who won the 3rd Annual RAW Diva Search.

In July 2015, WWE announced that Layla had decided to retire from professional wrestling. During her 10 year run with the company, she won the Diva’s Championship and Women’s Championship. Layla was also one half of the successful LayCool tag team with Michelle McCool, a team which it’s end also ended Layla’s career – a ‘loser leaves WWE’ match between the pair which saw McCool take the victory.