Latest Update On NXT Europe


With WWE continuing its international expansion, there has been a movement within the company to create local farming territories in various parts of the world. Triple H has been heavily involved in this process as he has taken a different approach to creating WWE’s stars of tomorrow.

Instead of bringing wrestlers from other parts of the world and bringing them to North America, his approach was to bring WWE to those other parts of the world and create smaller pockets of the company to match the local wrestling scene.

That was Triple H’s plan with NXT UK, which lasted until the fall of 2022. That show did quite well given the competitive British wrestling scene, but now plans are in place for it to be rebranded as NXT Europe.

WWE to provide updated on NXT Europe sometime later this year

The last major update on NXT Europe was back in 2022 when the decision was made to end NXT UK’s regular broadcast and deactivate all of its championships. Since then, updates on the new show have been few and far between.

However, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, who has gotten some accurate information on rumors and happenings in the past, noted earlier today that some news will be coming in a few months’ time.

After the Uk territory was shut down ahead of its rebranding, its wrestlers were amalgamated into the general NXT roster. However, a select handful skipped that process and went straight to the main roster, including GUNTHER, who, in less than two years, went from ending his longest-ever reign as NXT UK Champion to starting his now-one-year-long reign as WWE Intercontinental Champion.

Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer gave an update on NXT: Europe in August of 2023, indicating that the expansion is now looking unlikely.