Latest On Tony Khan’s Plans To Bring CM Punk Back To AEW

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CM Punk hasn’t featured for AEW in over six months and that absence looks set to continue.

Seemingly in response to comments made by Dave Meltzer, Punk recently went on the attack on social media, calling out AEW boss Tony Khan, Chris Jericho, and Jon Moxley among others. This came after it was reported that Punk had privately expressed an interest in returning to the company. It was later reported that Punk and Khan had met to discuss his future.

This was followed by Moxley giving his take on the situation during an appearance on The Sessions with Renee Paquette.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Meltzer notes that the events of the previous week have thrown further doubt on Punk’s future. Although he suggests that earlier talks about a comeback could have been behind AEW looking to book the larger United Center in Chicago for All Out, instead of the NOW Arena.

“The situation with C.M. Punk became a bigger story this week when he put up an Instagram post where he went off on Tony Khan, Jon Moxley, myself and Chris Jericho, which he immediately took down. This came while sides were working on a reconciliation that was at least in principle agreed to, per the decision of Khan who wanted him back.

That would also seem to be behind the story that broke of an attempt to book the United Center for All Out this year, rather than the NOW Arena. Where things stand at this moment are unknown. There are tons of complicated issues involved and differences of opinions on the subject. But it was going to happen and then this happened and it still may end up happening.”

Jon Moxley “Bent Over Backwards” For CM Punk

During his appearance on The Sessions, Moxley discussed his time working with Punk in the summer of 2022. Incredibly, the star revealed that he worked without a contract during this period, despite being AEW World Champion.

Moxley stated that he had “bent over backwards” for Punk and Tony Khan and agreed to work with the controversial star despite not being under contract.