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Latest On Planned NXT Underground Show

A second NXT show called NXT Underground was pitched last year, according to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful on the Monday Night Live podcast, and it may yet still see the light of day.

Although it shares the same name as WWE’s MMA-inspired RAW Underground concept, the idea of the show was actually rather different.

The plan was that NXT Underground would be a vehicle to promote new stars – a developmental for the former “developmental” territory, if you will, since NXT ceased being a developmental brand in its own right since it started on the USA Network last September.

The pitch, which was a Ryan Katz (Fabian Kaelin on MTV’s Wrestling Society X back in 2006) project, would see upcoming talent, new additions to the roster and unused NXT wrestlers competing while their NXT peers were watching in the crowd – which is one element that would have been similar to RAW Underground.

A pilot for the show was actually filmed back in July but it never got off the ground at that time. However, Sapp reports that the idea has been brought up again recently and plans were tentatively put in place to launch the second show, with several of the new EVOLVE signings planned to be involved.

Sapp notes there was talk of the show launching in the coming months, but that appears to be on the backburner, for now at least, likely due to the Covid outbreaks at the Performance Center and the changes to the facility to morph it into the Capitol Wrestling Center.

While it could be argued the last thing WWE needs is more hours of programming, as a concept it sounds like an interesting idea. It would certainly be a far less high-pressure way to debut and try out new talent than on a prime time cable show.