Lars Sullivan Reveals Nixed ‘Brilliant Behemoth’ Gimmick

Lars Sullivan Thumb

The artist formerly known as Lars Sullivan has revealed the planned WWE gimmick and name change that was rumoured to be bestowed upon him had he returned to the company.

Taking to social media, Sullivan posted some official WWE concept art on his Instagram revealing that not only were the company going to put him in a bowler hat, monocle, long black trench coat with waistcoat and white gloves akin to a character you’d expect to see in the Robert Downey Jr. version of Sherlock Holmes, but he was to wrestle in braces and grey trousers under the name, ‘The Brilliant Behemoth’ Lawrence Sullivan.

The concept art is identical to that former AEW World Tag Team Champions FTR were provided with prior to their WWE exit when the company pitched the duo dress in brightly coloured trousers, tassels and hats reminiscent of Morris dancers.

Lars Sullivan was released from World Wrestling Entertainment in January after he had failed to return to television in November following his initial and dominant debut laying waste to Jeff Hardy and Riddle. The last we saw of the powerhouse was in a sit-down interview on the blue brand brand before the company quietly let him go.

Following his release, the real life Dylan Miley stated that now he was free of his obligations, it was unlikely that he would wrestle again.