Larry Zbyszko Recalls WWE Hall Of Famer Urinating On Stranger In A Restaurant

Larry Zbyszko

Larry Zbyszko has recalled a bizarre incident which ended with a fellow WWE Hall of Famer urinating on a man in a restaurant.

The world of professional wrestling is complicated, entertaining and more often than not defies logic and rational thought. Then just when you think you’ve heard it all, wrestling legend Larry Zbyszko reminds the world that he once witnessed a WWE Hall of Famer urinate on a man in a restaurant.

The Hall of Famer in question was none other than Captain Lou Albano.

During a recent appearance on Captain’s Corner on Facebook, recalled working alongside Albano and his tag team partner in The Sicilians, Tony Altomare in the World Wide Wrestling Federation. The promotion was run by Vincent J. McMahon and would many years down the line become the WWE.

Commenting on Albano, Zbyszko said “in lovable way, he was insane,” before breaking down one particularly memorable incident.

The ‘Living Legend’ explained that Altomare enjoyed nothing more than winding up Albano and getting him mad. However, once riled up, Albano was known to take things to the extreme.

“Altomare would be telling Captain Lou, ‘That guy over there sitting at that next table, man, he’s saying something bad about wrestling and you and me,’” Larry said, imitating Altomare slightly. “Lou gets all mad, and he gets up in this classy restaurant, unzips his pants, and pees on the guy while he’s sitting there eating.”

“Stuff normal people wouldn’t do,” Zbyszko chuckled, “The Captain was a trip.”

After bringing to an end his in-ring career, Lou Albano became a manager with a run which would ensure his legendary status. He was integral in helping launch the Rock n’ Wrestling Era collaborating with Cyndi Lauper with great success. Albano also managed The Blackjacks, The Wild Samoans and 11 other tag teams to WWF Tag Team Gold.

Captain Lou Albano was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1996. He sadly passed away in 2009, aged 79.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.