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Lanny Poffo Recalls Bleeding For Andre The Giant

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Lanny Poffo has discussed his brother Randy Savage crushing Ricky Steamboat’s throat with a ring bell as well as his own escapade bleeding for Andre The Giant.

Savage and Steamboat had a heated rivalry in the late eighties in the WWF. The two men met in one of the all-time classic matches for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 3 with Steamboat prying the title from Macho Man.

Months before that match took place, Savage looked to take Steamboat out of the picture altogether when he launched himself off the top rope with ring bell in hand and crushed The Dragon’s throat.

Speaking to Inside The Ropes’ own Keith Elliott Greenberg for issue 8 of Inside The Ropes magazine, Lanny Poffo reveals whose idea the shocking move was and why Savage was the right man to pull it off:

“Randy came up with the idea and was the only guy who could do it. The bell was connected to a piece of plywood and was heavy. And it really looked like it crushed Steamboat’s throat. But Randy was so coordinated, he could make it look authentic, and Ricky never felt a thing. And it says a lot about Steamboat for trusting Randy like that.”

Poffo then discussed his own moment as a victim in the ring to build up a hated villain when he bled for Andre The Giant in the lead-up to his own WrestleMania 3 showdown with Hulk Hogan. According to Poffo, there were many people there asking him to bleed but not so many saying thank you once the deed was done:

“I’ll go on the record. Before WrestleMania III, when they needed a guy to help Andre the Giant become an even more vicious heel leading up to his match with Hulk Hogan, they chose me to bleed from his headbutt during a battle royal [televised on NBC]. And I figured out a way to do it with nobody noticing. And how I did it was I stood in the middle of the ring, cut myself and after I was bleeding, I went up to Andre and said, “Ready, Boss?” And he headbutts me and throws me over the top rope. Before the match, everybody said, “Please, please, please,” including Vince McMahon, including [NBC Sports executive] Dick Ebersol. Yeah, everybody was big on “please.” But after I got back to the locker room, and I couldn’t stop the bleeding, nobody said, “Thank you.” So if Steamboat had gotten hurt by Randy, I don’t know how many friends he would have had.”

Lanny Poffo also discussed his brother’s wishes to not be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame as a solo act and why ultimately he went against them.

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