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Lance Storm Reveals Pact For Last Match With Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho

Lance Storm has revealed the pact he has with current AEW star Chris Jericho for the former tag team partners to have their last match together.

Storm and Jericho broke into the wrestling business together in 1990. The two stars had their first professional match against each other in October of that year before teaming up to become Sudden Impact. The duo would become more widely known as The Thrillseekers in Smoky Mountain Wrestling in 1994.

Storm’s most recent role in wrestling was as a producer for WWE. That role came to a halt as the COVID-19 pandemic international travel. The Canada-based Storm has been unable to enter the United States since being furloughed in April 2020.

Speaking to D-on Dudley on the Table Talk podcast, Storm detailed some of the travel challenges that exist for him at the moment.

Storm stated:

“Until the border restrictions come up, no. There are Canadians that are crossing the border, but there’s a gamble to it. If I were to cross and get sick, Canadian health care won’t cover you in the States because there’s a travel advisory.”

“I’ve heard of some people that did end up getting sick and they ended up with $300,000 in medical bills or, if you get sick, you can’t come back because you have to produce a negative test at home and you’re quarantined in the US and can’t come home to your family. It’s not worth the risk for me and my family, even if I don’t get sick. Once things get back to normal and they open the border to where restrictions aren’t an issue, then I would like to come back to work for someone.”

Lance Storm and Jericho last met in the ring at the first ECW One Night Stand in June 2005. The former Intercontinental Champion then competed on a part-time basis with his last match coming against Matt Hardy in 2016. Storm explained the agreement he has with Jericho that would see the two men face off one last time.

Storm commented:

“We made that pact ages ago. I always thought it would be cool to bookend my first and last match against the same guy. He’s like, ‘Let’s just do it then.’ ‘Okay, but you’ve got to retire before we’re too old Chris.'”

Jericho has shown no signs of slowing down with the first-ever Undisputed WWE Champion currently embroiled in a feud with MJF. MJF shockingly turned on Jericho and his Inner Circle, revealing his own group.

Credit: Table Talk

h/t Fightful for the transcription