Lance Storm On Triple H Giving Him Advice Before They Met In The Ring

Lance Storm & Triple H

Lance Storm has recalled the advice Triple H gave him before the two met in the ring.

Storm was responding on social media to a user who had shared a video of a wrestler being spiked on their head while taking the Pedigree.

In the famous clip, Triple H performs the move on Marty Garner in 1996. The two men were clearly not on the same page, as Garner kicked his legs up, instead of out. The result was a less than perfect landing for Garner who came down with all of his weight on his head and neck.

Reacting to the clip, Lance Storm reminisced about his own memories on taking the Pedigree. Storm said that Triple H had advised him before the match on how to take the move properly.

The Canadian added that Triple H also asked about making the bump easier for him by letting go of his arms ahead of the landing.

Triple H had originally used a variation of the Diamond Cutter early in his career, but later dropped the move in favour of the Pedigree.

Lance Storm joined WWE in 2001 following the closure of WCW. The former Cruiserweight Champion went on to win the Intercontinental Title once and the Tag Team Titles four times before leaving the company in 2005.

The Ontario native returned to WWE in 2019, working as producer until he was released as part of cost-cutting measures in April 2020.

In a recent interview, Storm also revealed that he has a pact with AEW star and long-time friend Chris Jericho which will see the pair have their last match together.