Lance Storm Blasts “Complete Moron” Vince Russo

Lance Storm Blasts

Lance Storm labelled Vince Russo as a “complete moron” in a tweet, responding to comments Russo made during his appearance on Chirs Van Vliet’s podcast Insight.

Currently working as an Impact Wrestling producer, Storm responded to Russo’s criticisms of modern professional wrestling. Storm justified his statement by explaining how WWE’s current storyline featuring The Bloodline, which currently sees the members of the faction engaged in a civil war as Jimmy and Jey Uso turned babyface on Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa and manager Paul Heyman, is a contradiction to the criticisms Russo made about modern wrestling.

Storm took to Twitter to say:

He’s a complete moron. The Bloodline is a classic character driven story and it’s the best one since who even knows when. The fact that he states the “fake match” but not fake character or fake story shows his contempt for wrestling.

What Did Vince Russo Say On The Insight Podcast?

Vince Russo who appeared on the July 18th episode of Chris Van Vliet’s Insight podcast, spoke out about his distaste for modern professional wrestling. Russo stated that there is too much focus on the matches and not enough focus on the characters and stories.

Russo argues that putting too much focus on the in-ring content is not appealing to casual fans of wrestling, he said “wrestling matches don’t draw in the casual fan”. Russo discussed AEW saying “watching AEW was a massive waste of my time” on the podcast and remarked that he had stopped watching AEW altogether after a year and a half.