Lance Storm And Chris Jericho Still Plan To Wrestle Their Final Match Together

Lance Storm

Former WWE and WCW Superstar, Lance Storm wants to wrestle Chris Jericho in his final match as he revealed to Fightful in an exclusive interview.

Storm explained:

“Chris Jerichoand I sort of have an unofficial pact that we will have our last match ever together. Because we had our first match ever together and we’re still really good friends, so provided he doesn’t keep wrestling for another twenty-five years, there is the probability, or at least possibility, that he and I will have our last one and we will do our debut and our joint retirement match together. So, there’s still the possibility of that one some day.”

Storm and Jericho wrestled their first match together thirty years ago on October 2, 1990. The pair subsequently formed a tag team called ‘Sudden Impact.’ They later reunited in Smoky Mountain Wrestling in 1994, renaming themselves ‘The Thrillseekers.’

Storm went it alone when he joined ECW in 1997. He jumped to WCW in mid-2000 before his contract was procured by WWE when the company bought out its long-time rival in March 2001. He wrestled for WWE until 2005.

Lance Storm wrestled what was then planned as his retirement bout versus Jericho at the inaugural ECW One Night Stand pay-per-view on June 12, 2005. However, the Canadian returned to action on the Independent scene later that year.

Although, the former ECW Superstar has not wrestled since 2016, he believes he can still go in the squared circle:

“I still feel good and physically fit, so, you never know. Again, maybe we’ll be that match no one wants to see. We’ll both be 75 out there, and they’ll be like, ‘Oh my, God. Why are these guys doing this?’ But, at least that’s one nice thing.”

Jericho is still going strong in a featured position in AEW, while Storm’s most recent role in wrestling was as a producer in WWE, before he was released earlier this year.

You can watch Storm’s full interview here.