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Lance Archer Reflects On Scary Moonsault Injury

Lance Archer

Lance Archer spoke about his scary incident with a botched moonsault, revealing that he suffered “extreme whiplash” and that the injury could have been much worse.

On the October 23rd episode of AEW Dynamite, Lance Archer faced off in a match against Eddie Kingston that saw him attempt a moonsault but land directly on his head in the process. The moment was terrifying to witness and clearly shook Archer, who continued the match, but Kingston quickly rolled him up to ensure both his victory and his opponent’s safety.

Despite being able to continue the match, Lance Archer was sidelined from in-ring competition until his January return, where he attacked Adam Page and began a hunt for the AEW World Championship. Archer was unsuccessful in gaining this championship on the latest episode of Dynamite in fight that saw both men bloodied.

Speaking in an interview with Busted Open Radio, Lance Archer reflected on how grateful he was that his injury wasn’t worse and said that he’s feeling great now.

“I feel great, Beyond blessed for the fact that I didn’t break my neck. A centimeter a different way and it could have been a completely different result. I basically gave myself an extreme version of whiplash because I bounced off my forehead. Had it been any part of the crown of my head, I probably would have been paralyzed or dead. I’m beyond blessed that didn’t happen.

Archer also praised the AEW medical staff for taking care of him, saying that they kept him on track and that they’ve been happy with his progress ahead of his return.

“The medical staff (in AEW) has been extremely amazing. They kept me on the road and kept me in physical therapy with our guys and I’ve done everything they asked me to do before coming back and even before this match, the different physical exercises they’ve asked me to do, I’ve stayed on top of and they’ve been happy. I feel great.”

When asked about whether or not he was nervous to take Adam Page’s Buckshot Lariat on account of his neck, the protege of Jake Roberts replied:

“If I’m worried about his finish or doing another moonsault, that’s when I’ll get hurt. I’m not thinking about that or worried about that. If something happens, it happens. Every time we lace up the boots, it could be the last time. I can’t be worried about him hitting the Buckshot or falling on my head because if I do, that’s when an injury will happen. I’m just going to go in there, balls to the wall, 100% to do everything I can to win this championship.”

In the end, Lance Archer was unsuccessful in gaining the AEW World Championship after Adam Page after both men were left with bloodied faces in Texas Death Match. For full reults of the February 9th Dynamite, click here.