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Lance Archer Responds To Injuring Dustin Rhodes On Rampage

Dustin Rhodes Lance Archer

Lance Archer gave a “rough and raw” response to the damage he caused to Dustin Rhodes on Rampage.

Before the bell even rang for their match on Rampage, Dustin Rhodes took an elbow to the ear from Lance Archer on the outside of the ring, causing his ear to bleed for the entirety of the match. Despite the injury taking place right away, the two continued to have a hellacious bout that saw Dustin victorious.

However, after the match, Archer ran Dustin’s head into the steel steps, and then proceeded to put him through a table at ringside.

Taking to social media on Saturday, Dustin Rhodes gave a medical update and detailed the extent of his injuries, revealing that his eardrum is ruptured and he also required stitches.

“Hey guys, rough night, told you all I’d give you an update. Got five stitches in the head. Pretty sore. The main thing is that I have a busted eardrum. Cannot hear out of it at all. But guess what? I’m in good spirits and I’m not going anywhere.”

While he initially responded by saying “That’s what you think” in a quote tweet, the Murderhawk Monster has now taken to social media once more with what he calls his “rough and raw” response to the events of Rampage. After he’s done speaking, he can be seen about to punch what appears to be a person tied up by his wrists in Archer’s gym.

“You know they say a good soldier just follows orders and falls in line. And that’s what you want me to do, huh? You just want me to fall in line, not to question anything. But you just can’t train a killer and expect him to go back into a cage of compliance.

“After 22 years, I have a passion, a frustration that cannot and will not be contained. So sometimes it’s necessary to let it out in a safe and controlled manner. So you should be thankful that it’s happening here and now, because one day it will not be so safe. One day it will not be here, because one day I am going to let it out LOUDLY, a beautiful display of sadistic devastation.

“But for now, I’ll just keep perfecting my craft.

“Lest you never forget: everybody dies.”

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