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Lana Removed From WWE Tables, Ladders And Chairs

Lana Thumb

During the December 14 edition of Monday Night Raw, it was announced that Lana has been removed from WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs on December 20.

Due to team with Asuka to battle Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships at the company’s final event of the year, the former ‘Ravishing Russian’ was removed from the bout after a series of shenanigan’s on Monday night.

Pitted against the fearsome Nia Jax in singles action, Lana shocked everyone when she managed to pin the behemoth. However, post-match, things didn’t quite go her way.

In the firing line of a rampaging Jax, Lana was steamrollered by the champions who injured her shoulder and leg. Despite Asuka making the save, WWE played on the injury throughout the night and noted that the star had been taken to a local medical facility to undergo treatment.

Later in the evening, Jax and Baszler struck again when the latter fought a returning Dana Brooke who was also the recipient of a beatdown at the hands of the vicious duo. However, Brooke was saved by a returning Mandy Rose who sought vengeance on the woman credited for putting her out of action.

With WWE seemingly higher on Mandy Rose getting her revenge on Nia Jax rather than the validation of Lana, it appears that we already have a replacement for TLC on December 20 with the promotion looking to make something bigger of the apple of Otis’ eye.