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Lana Recalls How She Found Out About Her Release

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Former WWE Superstar Lana has shared memories of the day she was released from the company, admitting she felt both upset and unexpectedly relieved.

Lana, real name CJ Perry, was one of several WWE talent released in June 2021 following budget cuts by the company. Debuting as ‘social ambassador’ alongside real life husband Rusev, now known as Miro in AEW, the ‘Ravishing Russian’ spent eight years with the company.

Eventually transitioning from her role as valet on television, Lana stepped inside the ropes and compete in-ring. During her time with the company she competed in the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble match, as well as the Money in the Bank ladder match.

Appearing on a recent episode of ‘Talk is Jericho’, Lana shared details of the day she was released by the company:

“I was sitting at my kitchen table when I got the call, I get a call from Johnny Ace, I thought he was calling me about something different. I can’t tell you what it is yet, but I had an offer to do another television show. They went through the whole process with WWE and they approved it the day before. Johnny goes ‘I’m calling you about your 90 days. And I’m like what? I couldn’t understand. He then said you’re getting released.”

The news would come as an unexpected shock to Lana. However, she would admit to feeling a relief following the unexpected release:

“My heart dropped, at the same time I felt really relieved. I didn’t expect to feel relieved. A weight lifted of my shoulder and I can breathe. I loved my job and the people that I worked with. It was sh*tty at times but that’s why it was a job. Johnny goes thank you and stay in touch, you have worked your ass off. I was like did I do anything wrong and he said no. I’m glad it wasn’t Mark Carrano that called me, he is more homie, Johnny is more corporate. The excuse was budget cuts. I said thank you for everything and that was that.

I had to leave immediately. My niece, my nephew, my aunt, my parents were all here. I walked out. Mandy Rose was the first person to find out. I said I literally just got released. I talked to Nattie next, I couldn’t talk to Miro yet. At the same time I was waiting for this call. Whatever contract I have next, I want a no cut clause. Living in that fear, you don’t know when the future endeavours is going to come.”

No official word has been released regarding Lana’s next move in professional wrestling. However with her husband Miro, who was released from WWE back in April 2020, now performing for AEW, many fans have speculated that the former Lana could well become All Elite.

Credit for Interview: Talk is Jericho

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