Lana Promises To End Asuka In Emotional Video

Lana Thumb

In a recent video in which she prepares to face ‘The Empress of Tomorrow’, Lana promised to end the Japanese star once and for all.

Ever since triumphing as number one contender to the WWE Raw Women’s Championship, Lana has been in training to face the biggest test of her career. Naturally, her efforts found their way onto the world wide web and one in particular has caught the attention of fans.

Amidst clips of her getting into ring shape, an emotional clip appeared on the star’s Twitter page in which she lambasted the champion for laughing at her. In said video, the former ‘Ravishing Russian’ said:

“Asuka doesn’t believe in me, clearly, Asuka’s laughing — literally laughing at me,” Lana said. “Laugh at me, Asuka. Laugh. Does it make you happy? Does it bring satisfaction deep into your soul? Make fun of me, laugh at me. You underestimate me. You think I don’t deserve this shot. You think I’m not worth it, not enough, not strong enough, I’m not brilliant, I’m not pretty enough. Not enough. That’s what you think, Asuka. “That’s what you represent, all those people who have laughed and mocked me, and betrayed me, and called me names. This is why I’m ready for Asuka because I’m going to kick your head off, crush your body, and finish you. Because you represent everything I can’t stand, you represent the mean people out there. I’m going to finish you. And become RAW Women’s Champion.”

Undoubtedly, the video is the most motivated, serious and dangerous Lana has looked since deciding to lace up her boots and try her had as professional wrestler. It will be fascinating to see if she can pull off what everyone believes is the impossible.

Lana became number one contender to the WWE Raw Women’s Championship last week when she shocked the world and won a Battle Royal by last eliminating Natalya. Spending a lot of the bout on the arena floor, Lana leapt back into the ring when ‘The Queen of Harts’ was distracted and tipped her over the summit to achieve the distinction.

Lana will challenge Asuka for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship tonight on the season premiere of the red brand on the USA Network.

Inside the Ropes will have live coverage of Raw, including the outcome to the Lana vs. Asuka.