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Lana On Roman Reigns Vetoing Her Survivor Series Table Bump

Former WWE Superstar Lana, now going by CJ Perry, has disclosed how Roman Reigns may have saved her from yet another table bump at Survivor Series 2020.

In the weeks prior to Survivor Series, ‘The Ravishing Russian’ had been routinely been thrown through tables by then-rival Nia Jax.

This trend was apparently set to continue at the pay per view until pushback from Roman Reigns forced a change of plans.

Speaking with former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho on the Talk Is Jericho podcast, Perry described the scene backstage:

We were supposed to do this whole table spot on the show. Then Roman did not [want us to], because he had a table spot with Sheamus. There was a major pushback from the Samoans, Nia and Roman and that whole thing. So we had a huge spot, I was supposed to be laid out at the very beginning, I was supposed to get in the ring and Nia snatched me. Everyone on the team was supposed to be heels and I was the “Babyface.” They were all going to be against me and she [Nia] was going to chase me out. We had this whole sequence at the end with me and Bianca. Bayley was supposed to get involved and cheat, I prove myself and then I win. We were all so excited about it, I was going to wrestle. But then there’s the whole Samoan rivalry and the whole table spot got taken out.

Perry later went on to describe how Vince and Shane McMahon found the eventual match finish to be ‘hilarous’:

Vince thought it would be hilarious if I didn’t get in the match at all. That Nia would tell me not to get in, then I win because everyone gets eliminated. Vince thought it was hilarious, Shane McMahon thought it was hilarious. It had never been done before.

Elsewhere on the podcast, Perry also noted how she felt that WWE perceived women, particularly valets and managers, as being less important than male talents.