Lana Is The Sole Survivor For Team RAW

Sole Survivor Lana

Team RAW picked up the win in the Women’s 5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination Match as Lana was left as the sole survivor for the red team.

At the beginning of the match, Lana was almost literally put on the naughty step, being berated by her team for tagging herself in, with the Ravishing Russian spending almost the entirety of the match stood on the steel steps as opposed to the ring apron.

Lana would watch the rest of the competitors eliminate one another, notably seeing Peyton Royce defeat Bayley, with Bianca Belair being left as the final SmackDown competitor. It would seem like an easy win for RAW with Shayna Baszler hooking in the Kirifuda Clutch. While Bianca Belair would seemingly fall unconscious, the EST of WWE would fall onto the ropes before doing so. Baszler refused to let go and thus was disqualified.

With only Lana and Nia Jax remaining, Jax made her way into the ring and both she and Belair battled to the outside and the Women’s Tag Team Champion tried to put Bianca Belair through the announce table, like she has with Lana several times in recent weeks. The pair, however, would be counted out – leaving Lana as the only remaining competitor in the match and the sole survivor.

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