CJ Perry FKA Lana Praises Brand Army For Helping Her Connect With Fans

Lana CJ Perry WWE FI

During a recent interview with Inside The Ropes, CJ Perry, FKA Lana, would praise Brand Army for allowing her to connect with her growing audience in a more intimate way than ever.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes own Liam Alexander-Stewart, the former ‘Ravishing Russian’ would discuss why she chose to partner with growing platform Brand Army over alternatives such as Patreon, Fasnly and ‘Only Friends’.

I’m really excited about being on CJPerry.com and being on Brand Army as it’s a different site compared to, let’s say, an “Only Friends.”

Kind of the big part of why I decided to go on there was because Miro felt more comfortable with it, and it was definitely a big conversation that we had to have and he didn’t really want me on “Only Friends.”

Brand Army is a great place where you have Disney stars on there, you have all different types of people on there, and it’s just a better way to connect with your audience. You know, a lot of these other platforms we’re putting out so much free content but maybe not everything is appropriate for everyone that follows me on Instagram.

You know, maybe I want to put something a lot more sexier or pushing the envelope a little bit, pushing it a little bit more. Maybe that’s not the most appropriate thing to do for the 10 or 12 year old kids that are following me on Instagram.

I want to be respectful of mothers and fathers who have their kids following me on places like Instagram or TikTok. While Brand Army, I can kind of do everything that I want and I love because I put everything on there. You know, I have the sexy stuff. I have sexy stuff from back when I was like in my early twenties and modelling.”

Continuing, CJ Perry FKA Lana would discuss why she previously would not share content she had recorded that would break kayfabe, citing a dedication to storytelling as the primary reason.

“A lot of people have never seen these pictures before and now I have a ton of behind the scenes stuff that I’ve put out that I’ve never posted because it was always like I was in a story with someone and I was so committed to my character and to my stories.

So it didn’t matter if Naomi was my best friend, if we were feuding, and most of the time we were a lot of times in the program together because she was on the babyface side, the good guy side, I was on the heel side, the bad guy side.

So we always committed to no, we’re not going to post all our pictures or all our fun videos together while we’re working. I really, really always tried to commit to my character, my story, and while being so there’s so much content that I, I’ve just kept of, of stuff with the girls backstage, you know, the locker room and all that stuff I put out on Throwback Thursday.

It’s incredible.

Like, I honestly, I pop myself seeing some of the pictures of videos that I have found that I forgot I had. There’s a ton of stuff like that, you know, there’s a ton of stuff of me being at Liv Morgan’s farm that I’ve never put out or hanging out with Aliyah or stuff with Nattie and TJ or Sasha.

You know, the list goes on, stuff with Bobby Lashley. You know videos where I show that one second, I’m on the plane with Miro going to Saudi Arabia, and then I sneak up and I sit next to Bobby and snap a picture and then I go back, you know, we have all of that on video, and so that’s a big part of it.”

Finally, the 37-year-old would heap praise on Brand Army for it’s ability to help her connect to her fans without worrying about algorithms or social media strategies.

“I have so many stories from my journey in entertainment, but also in WWE and instead of just giving it out to these platforms, that won’t even show it to all your people, you know, like I think it’s like 3% of Instagram see your stuff that you put out, it’s like, I’m not going to waste it on that. Let me put it out on Brand Army where there is no algorithms and you can see everything that I post”

CJ Perry FKA Lana is set to make her first appearance alongside real life husband and AEW Superstar Miro since their release at Starrcast in Nashville on July 29-30-31! Visit Starrcast.com for more information!

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