Stipulation Official For Bianca Belair Vs. Bayley At Extreme Rules

Bayley Bianca Belair Dakota Kai IYO SKY Damage CTRL

Bayley is determined to get ahold of Bianca Belair’s Raw Women’s Championship at Extreme Rules, and she knows what kind of match she wants!

Bayley has been making waves ever since her return to WWE at SummerSlam alongside Dakota Kai and IYO SKY. Since then, the faction who would go on to be known as Damage CTRL has been a dominant force on Raw, with Kai and SKY taking home the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships last week when they defeated Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah.

At Clash at the Castle, the trio took on Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss in trios action, and Bayley won the match for her team when she pinned the Raw Women’s Champion. This was Belair’s first pinfall loss in over 300 days, a fact that was made clear during Damage CTRL’s Tag Team Championship Celebration on the September 19th episode of Raw.

After Bayley defeated Alexa Bliss in the main event of Raw last week, she issued a challenge to Belair, declaring that she was coming after the Raw Women’s Championship at Extreme Rules.

Now, on the latest episode of Raw, the champion took to the microphone to address the situation before was interrupted by the members of Damage CTRL. While Bianca boasts an impressive list of accomplishments and called out her foe for “rehabbing” while she was becoming dominant, Bayley countered by saying that Belair was only able to rise to the top of Raw because she was injured. She once again pointed out that she was the first to pin the champion in over 300 days.

Belair said that she wanted to get her hands on the Role Model once again, but Bayley said that she’ll have to wait until Extreme Rules. Continuing, she declared that she wanted to get her hands on the Raw Women’s Championship in a ladder match, a stipulation the champion happily accepted.

Because she couldn’t get her hands on Bayley right away, Belair issued a challenge to fellow Damage CTRL member IYO SKY, and the two went one on one immediately following the promo, and in the end, the EST of WWE was victorious. Full results from the September 26th episode of Raw can be found here.