Lacey Evans Launches Exclusive Content Website

Lacey Evans

Lacey Evans has another new career venture and much like wrestling, “it ain’t ballet.”

Evans was free from her WWE contract earlier this month and in turn she dismissed her old alias in favor of her real name Macey Estrella. The former WWE star not only decided to start her own cafe, but now she launched an exclusive content website titled “Limitless Lacey.” Estrella doesn’t leave much to the imagination as to what kind of “exclusive content” users can expect, but fans can subscribe for $9.99 monthly or sign up for a longer term deal.

Considering she is no longer with WWE, Evans has clearly learned from the cautionary tale that was Mandy Rose, who WWE released after details of the racy content she shared on her own site.

Lacey Evans Hopes To Make A Change With Her New Cafe

There is no word as to if Lacey Evans plans to wrestle again, but her site along with her cafe plans will certainly give her a full plate of creativity. Estrella’s upcoming cafe will be called Sunny Summer Cafe which will be based out of South Carolina and will promote the ability to detach yourself from everyday technology and be a space to cultivate mental health.

โ€œI wanted to create a space where people could come in and unplug from their devices, but also unplug from their minds as well.

โ€œThe cellphone has replaced your computer. The cellphone has replaced your camera. Donโ€™t let it replace your family.โ€

Recently Lacey Evans spoke about her former boss Vince McMahon.