Lacey Evans Facing More Social Media Backlash After Sharing Another Offensive Post

Lacey Evans entrance

Lacey Evans might have only wrestled three times since November, but the star keeps hitting the headlines.

The SmackDown star again faces an angry backlash after sharing a post many people have deemed offensive. Evans shared a post on her Instagram stories that supposedly shows how to “fix” anxiety and depression.

The list includes unhelpful advice such as “make more money,” “mind your f*cking business” and “put purpose over pleasure.”

For a huge number of people across the world anxiety and depression can be debilitating illnesses, which won’t miraculously go away by “making more money.” So unsurprisingly, Evans has been taken to task over her out-of-date comments, with many on social media calling her out for not taking mental health issues seriously.

Not The First Time Lacey Evans Has Found Herself In Trouble

Lacey Evans has made something of a habit of sharing ill-advised and offensive comments on social media in recent months. In December the SmackDown star sparked outrage after sharing a clip suggesting that ADD and Autism “didn’t exist before.”

A month later when making her return to SmackDown she approached a disabled fan as if to give a high-five before withdrawing her hand and cockily walking away. While some suggested that the incident was just Evans being a heel, others hit out at the star. Her actions were described as “disgraceful” and some fans called for her to be fired.