LA Knight “On Course” For Major Push Despite His “Backstage Attitude”

LA Knight

LA Knight is one of WWE’s most popular acts.

Over the past several months the former Million Dollar Champion has ridden a wave of soaring popularity as fans have taken to the star’s charismatic promos and catchphrase. Fans have rallied behind the performer, which saw him become one of the company’s top merchandise sellers.

After a successful run in NXT, Knight made his debut on the main roster in 2022 but it didn’t get off the best of starts as he later revealed he was looked upon as being too old to be a wrestler and was therefore repackaged as Max Dupri, the manager of the Maximum Male Models. Luckily for Knight, with the change in regime, at the top of the company putting Triple H in charge of creative, that character was dropped and his star has risen incredibly in 2023.

Is LA Knight In Line For A Major Push In WWE?

Due to his meteoric rise, PWTorch is reporting that Vince McMahon has become a huge fan of Knight resulting in the star being in line for a major push after SummerSlam. However, the site also states that Knight has a “reputation for rubbing people the wrong way” and is “bad at backstage politics” which could lose him the “support of key people” and therefore hamper WWE’s plans for him.

Unfortunately for Knight, there is a history of him having some backstage issues. In a recent interview, Knight revealed the reason he was fired from WWE in 2014 was due to a misconceived perception of him at the time.

“I’m sure some people know I was at the PC 10 years ago, 2013-2014. I actually started 10 years ago yesterday. So, I was not released due to a talent issue. That was made very very clear to me. I was released because of a perception issue because I was perceived as, we’ll just say a jerk, which was ridiculous.

There was an issue with me and the head coach at the time and we just bumped heads. And I’m not, maybe I’m too proud of a man, I don’t know. But, like, if I’m getting messed with, I’m gonna push back and that didn’t go well. So, I ended up getting pushed out,” he said.

“And I was told, you know, ‘There’s a perception and for that perception to go away, you need to go away for a little bit. We think you’re immensily talented but for right now, we just need to, you know, whatever. So, maybe in six months, nine months, a year, whatever.’ And true to that, a year later, I was then talking to them about coming back.”

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