LA Knight Names WWE Dream Matches

LA Knight

LA Knight has been tipped for big things and the star has some ideas of his own on what those could be.

Over the past few months, Knight has been gaining momentum on WWE SmackDown and is fast becoming one of the most popular stars on the blue brand.

In an interview with KTAL NBC 6 he revealed he wants to use that momentum to capture one of the top titles in WWE, if not both.

“Not only are they looking for me to become world champ sometime soon, but I’m looking to become the WWE Universal Champion sooner than later.”

Turning to dream matches, Knight admitted there are “a couple” of retired stars he would like to face. However, he has his sights firmly set on winning singles gold, whether it be from Roman Reigns, Gunther, or even Austin Theory.

“Dream matches, you think about people from the past who aren’t doing it anymore. There are a couple of those.

“Everyone is talking about it again, the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, that makes me look at Roman Reigns. Even Gunther, with the Intercontinental Championship. Austin Theory for the United States Championship.

“Any one of those guys, who I could take a piece of gold off of, that would be my dream match.”

LA Knight is a “leading candidate” to win Money In The Bank

A recent report from WRKD Wrestling has indicated that Knight could well be on the right path to achieving his lofty goals.

Seemingly, he has been discussed as a top candidate for winning this year’s Money In The Bank and with it the right to challenge for a title of his choosing.

The 2022 edition of the event was held in Las Vegas, with Austin Theory winning the men’s Ladder Match while Liv Morgan was triumphant in the women’s match. Morgan then cashed in her contract on the same night to capture the SmackDown Women’s Title from Ronda Rousey.

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.