“I Decided To Spare Him” – LA Knight Jokes About Attack From The Undertaker On Raw

LA Knight, The Undertaker & Bray Wyatt

At the Raw 30th-anniversary special, LA Knight came face-to-face with The Undertaker for the first time.

On the show, Knight came to the ring with a few things off his chest. Mainly that he didn’t think that the legends who were sat in the back had what it took to stand in the ring with him. Unsurprisingly, there was someone who took exception to the claim, and that man was The Undertaker.

‘Taker arrived as The American Badass after the bell tolled and lights were dropped, complete with Kid Rock theme music and motorbike. As the not-so-deadman arrived, Knight exited the ring and took up residence on the ramp. However, the arrival of Bray Wyatt forced him back towards the ring and into the clutches of the WWE Hall of Famer. Undertaker then grabbed Knight as if to deliver a Chokeslam before throwing him to Wyatt who hit the Sister Abigail.

LA Knight Recalls Getting Chills As The Undertaker Appeared

Speaking in a new interview with Chris Van Vliet, LA Knight reflected on the segment. Knight joked that The Undertaker only escaped because he let him, before discussing how the segment went down.

“Well, I’ll tell you what, he was about this close to get the slap right in the mouth, but I decided to spare him. But I’ll tell you the truth. It’s funny because you always hear the cliche when you’re standing in that ring, and that bell tolls. You know, it’s chills. And I’m like, sure. Once that hit, it was chills, it was pretty wild.

But at the same time to be standing there and doing my thing, and to be very recognised. That audience was right on top of everything I had to say even with the Undertaker in the ring. So I mean, that’s a big feather in my cap as far as I’m concerned. And at the same time, you know, looking at a guy who’s undoubtedly a legend, Hall of Famer, crazy, crazy night leading into this Royal Rumble.”

LA Knight is set to take on Bray Wyatt at the Royal Rumble in the first-ever Pitch Black Match.

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