LA Knight Hits Back At Kevin Nash On WWE SmackDown

Kevin Nash and LA Knight

LA Knight has responded to shots taken by Kevin Nash in recent months.

While Knight has quickly become one of the hottest acts on SmackDown, Nash initially didn’t understand the star’s appeal. The first swipe came in August when the WWE Hall of Famer claimed Knight was “an absolute rip-off” of The Rock and there was “nothing original” about him.

Soon after that, Nash questioned why Knight had been in the pro wrestling business for 10 years but hadn’t gotten over anywhere else in that time.

However, after a few weeks, the star admitted that he made those comments while not knowing much about Knight and apologised. he said that if the fans had picked Knight as their “chosen one”, then that’s who he is.

“If LA Knight, if the people, if he’s the chosen one, if he’s the people’s champion, then he’s the people’s champion, it doesn’t f**king matter to me.”

LA Knight takes jab at Kevin Nash on SmackDown

Now, Knight has dug deep into Nash’s history to take a shot at the veteran. On the latest edition of SmackDown, the star was mocking The Miz’s theme tune, ‘I Came To Play’ and singled out the word, ‘Play.’

“If I was a complete moron, I’d say ‘look at the adjective – play’ but I’m not so I’ll say look at the verb!”

Wrestling historians might recognise the line as a joke at Nash’s expense. Back in 1996 during an episode of WCW Monday Nitro, Nash tried a similar joke about WCW’s tagline, ‘Where the big boys play.’

“This is where the big boys play, huh? Look at the adjective. ‘Play.'”

Of course, Nash was wrong to say play was the adjective in the sentence, in fact, it was actually the verb.

LA Knight won’t have to move from the wrestling ring to a career in the English classroom just yet, though, as he is set for a “megapush” in WWE going forward due to the connection he’s made with the fans translating into impressive ratings and merchandise sales.