LA Knight Discusses Comparisons With Dwayne Johnson And Steve Austin

LA Knight on WWE SmackDown

LA Knight has risen to become of the most popular stars in WWE and that rise has drawn comparisons with the likes of The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

It’s been suggested that Knight’s promo style is a mix of both men, while his overall presentation seems to have more in common with The Rock. Interestingly, the man himself isn’t shying away from the comparisons.

Appearing on Cheap Heat, Knight was asked about being compared to the two giants of the industry. In response, the former NXT star said that while he’s very different to both of them, he plans to surpass them.

“If you want to make that comparison, cool. My aim is to be bigger and better than either of them. I bring a very different package to the table than they do. At the same time, are there similarities? Sure there are you. There is Kobe (Bryan) to (Michael) Jordan, those kind of comparisons. If you want to make me the Kobe to their Jordan, I’ll take it,”

When asked who his ‘Jordan’ is, Knight said that it’s impossible to name just one.

“There is a four-way tie. (Hulk) Hogan started it all for me. Even Hollywood and the NWO, good stuff. Him, (Ric) Flair, Austin, Rock, I could not pick a top.”

LA Knight Turned WWE Down Three Times

Speaking elsewhere, Knight reflected on his journey to WWE, revealing that he actually turned down multiple offers from the sports entertainment giant. Knight explained that he turned the company down in 2016, 17, and 18 due to money, before later reaching out to them himself.

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