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LA Knight Climbs The Ladder To Success To Claim The Million Dollar Title

LA Knight

LA Knight has won the Million Dollar Championship!

Cameron Grimes and LA Knight had been locked in a heated rivalry in the lead up to NXT TakeOver: In your House. Each man determined to prove that he should be the one to carry on the legacy of The Million Dollar Man, Ted Dibiase.

With the title suspended high above the ring, Grimes took control of the contest in the early going. However, Knight fought back putting a beating on Grimes on the outside. Before hitting a vicious Neck-breaker onto a ladder in the corner of the ring.

As the match drew to a conclusion, with Grimes perched atop a golden ladder, he appeared to be seconds from victory, but Knight wasn’t quite finished, flipping over the ladder, causing Grimes to crash through another ladder on the entrance ramp.

LA Knight was then able to climb the ladder inside the ring to claim the Million Dollar Championship. Di Biase, entered the ring to present Knight with his newly won belt.


Ted DiBiase has been a thorn in Grimes’ side almost since the NXT star returned to the black and gold brand with newfound wealth thanks to the crypto boom. The Hall of Famer has proceeded to steal Grimes’ thunder in a series of segments, with the legend out-bidding the NXT star for a new mansion in one particular skit.

In the weeks that followed, Knight also caught the attention of Di Biase, setting up the clash to claim the legacy of the Million Dollar Man.

There is no word as of yet what the future of the Million Dollar Championship will be after NXT TakeOver: In Your House, or whether it will be recognised by WWE as an official Championship this time round.

Earlier in the night MSK and Bronson Reed retained their Tag Team and North American Title’s in a spectacular contest against Legado del Fantasma.