LA Knight Gives His Thoughts On Being Bray Wyatt’s First Feud Following WWE Return

LA Knight slaps Bray Wyatt

LA Knight looks to prove the WWE Universe wrong in his upcoming match against Bray Wyatt.

Knight and Wyatt will clash in the mysterious Mountain Dew Pitch Black match, a stipulation that has not been seen before.

Bray Wyatt’s First TV Match Since His Return Takes Place At The Royal Rumble

While many are curious to see what the match will look like and are eagerly anticipating the return of The Eater of Worlds to the ring, Knight feels that he is being overlooked.

Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, LA Knight has stated that while everyone has high expectations for Wyatt going into the match, the former Million Dollar Champion should not be counted out so easily:

“Well, for sure. Because look, here’s this big anticipated return. Everybody’s like, oh well Bray Wyatt is coming back, ain’t that’s special. And for me. I’m looking at LA Knight’s here, and people were worried about Bray Wyatt. That’s fine. That’s cool. I get that. But then he walks in on my territory. If you remember the very first interaction, I didn’t go talk to him. I didn’t go look for him. He came looking for me. So I don’t know, in a sense, it’s like, okay, well, people have this big grandiose idea of him, they think he’s amazing. And he’s this and he’s that, whatever he is. I’m just thinking he ain’t LA Knight. So at that point, it’s like, alright, well, I’m gonna stand here across the ring from this guy, and I’m gonna look him in the eyes, and I’m gonna be way, way bigger than him. And I ain’t talking physically, we’re talking figuratively in the sense that I’m going to be to a level that if he’s going to walk into my arena, I’m gonna make sure I’m the one that people remember. I want to make sure that I’m the one that people think about, I’m going to make sure that I’m the one that shines above and beyond as bright as I can.”

In the same conversation, the man once known as Max Dupri would reference his time as the leader of the Maximum Male Models, along with how it differs from being LA Knight.

The Pitch Black match will take place on Saturday, January 28th at the Royal Rumble Premium Live Event.

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