Kurt Angle Reveals Which WWE Superstars Were The Undertaker’s “Muscle” Backstage

The Undertaker

WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle has lifted the lid on two WWE Superstars that he says acted like The Undertaker’s “muscle” backstage.

The Undertaker has had a career like no other in the wrestling business with a WrestleMania win streak that became almost as iconic as the Phenom himself. During the Attitude Era and beyond The Undertaker mixed it up in the ring with Kurt Angle as the two men fought to emerge as the top dog in a crowded main event scene in the company.

The Undertaker famously assembled a Ministry Of Darkness in the late nineties and his first two members of the cult-like group were the aptly named Acolytes of Bradshaw and Faarooq.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show [first available early and ad-free at Ad-Free Shows.com], the Olympic gold medallist revealed that Bradshaw and Faarooq weren’t just acolytes of the Deadman on-screen:

“Those guys were crazy, man! They drank all the time. They drank during the show; they drank before and after. They were crazy, but you know, surprisingly, even though they drank so much, they were kind of the in-ring locker room leaders with The Undertaker.”

“Those guys were like The Undertaker’s muscle, and you know, they set the rules in the locker room. Understandably, Farooq and Bradshaw are badasses, and so is The Undertaker. Rightfully so, they should be the leaders.”

Another former WWE Superstar has recently had his say on The Undertaker with ECW original Sabu claiming the legend would get people fired from WWE for working “too stiff.”

h/t SK Wrestling