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Kurt Angle Opens Up About The Worst Storyline He Ever Did

Kurt Angle

WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle has discussed what he calls the “worst angle” he’s ever done, saying that he thinks Vince McMahon was ribbing him.

In 2005 Angle was placed into a feud with Booker T that also involved Booker’s wife Sharmell. During their rivalry, Kurt Angle made some highly questionable remarks towards Sharmell indicating he wanted to have a relationship with her.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show [available early and ad-free at AdFreeShows.com] the Olympic Gold medallist laid bare his true feelings on the storyline and how he thinks it was all part of a joke played by Vince McMahon on him:

“To do that and pretend I was stalking his wife. It was the worst angle I’ve ever done. Worst storyline I’ve ever done. I did it anyway because I’ve always been a team player, but I was not comfortable doing it.”

“I have no idea where the idea came from. I think that Vince McMahon, you know Vince McMahon is kind of a ribber. He will do stuff to mess with you a little bit and take kind of, you know, shove it in your face. I think that he thought I had this fetish for black women.”

“I like all women, white, black, Hispanic; it doesn’t matter. My wife is half-Hispanic, half-Italian. And, you know, so Vince thought I had this fetish for black women, and he thought it would be a funny program, and I was not comfortable by any means; I had so much respect for Booker T and Sharmell.”

Kurt Angle continued, having nothing but praise for both Booker T and Sharmell:

“They were incredible, very entertaining. Sharmell never missed a spot. She was on all the time. She had great timing. Booker T is one of the best wrestlers I’ve ever got into the ring with. Those two together were unstoppable.”

h/t Sportskeeda