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Kurt Angle Wanted ‘New Team Angle’ For Final Run

Team Angle - Kurt Angle, Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin

Kurt Angle has opened up about how he wanted a final run as World Champion as the leader of a new Team Angle!

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, which is available via AdFreeShows, the WWE Hall of Famer opened up about his pitch to have a run with the gold as the leader of a new take on his previous faction – starring American Alpha’s Jason Jordan and Chad Gable.

”I wanted to wrestle and I wanted to be the World Champion and have them be the Tag Team Champions just like Team Angle. I thought it made a lot of sense. They decided I was going to have an illegitimate son and they weren’t sure who it was going to be and they decided to pick Jason over Chad.”

The original Team Angle saw the Olympic Gold Medalist team with Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, but sadly the reincarnation with American Alpha wasn’t to be. Angle would, though, end up being unveiled as the father of Jason Jordan, who he says was on his way to “main event status” before an injury that has shelved the former RAW, SmackDown and NXT Tag Team Champion ever since.

”I was excited about it because Jason is a great talent. He was improving every week. He was on his way to main event status, until he hurt his neck.”

You can listen to The Kurt Angle Show via AdFreeShows,