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Kurt Angle Jokes About Vince McMahon Making The NWO Pay For Leaving WWE In The 90s


WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle has discussed how Vince McMahon “messed” with the returning NWO trio of Hogan, Hall, and Nash when they returned to WWE in 2002.

The exodus of the trio that created the New World Order in WCW in 1996 began in June 1993 when Hulk Hogan made his last appearance for the World Wrestling Federation at that year’s King Of The Ring. By 1994 Hogan was a part of WCW and had claimed their World Championship.

Meanwhile, trouble was brewing in the then-WWF when Scott Hall made moves to try and get himself a move “down south.” When Kevin Nash was told of the money that was on offer in WCW as well as the prospect of working a lot fewer dates, the fate of Diesel and Razor Ramon was sealed.

In WCW, Hall and Nash debuted as The Outsiders, waging war on WCW. They were soon joined in memorable fashion by Hulk Hogan and the rest was history.

Following WCW’s demise in 2001, Vince McMahon decided to bring back the trio to WWE. Many stars behind the scenes were skeptical given the rumours and innuendo surrounding the men’s political dealings behind the scenes.

Kurt Angle was a key part of WWE at the time the NWO came calling in the company and speaking on The Kurt Angle Show podcast, the Olympic gold medallist revealed he had no issues with Hogan, Hall, or Nash although he suspects McMahon messed with them on their first night back, jokingly adding that it was perhaps retribution for leaving all those years before:

“I think Vince kept them under wraps or their attitudes changed, but there was no problem with them at all. The first night they were there, Vince messed with them big time. They had to do pretapes until 3 o’clock in the morning. Vince kept them after the show. He pushed the pretapes back until the show was over and made them do it over and over again. I guess he was making them pay for leaving WWE back in the ‘90s.”

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