Kurt Angle On Early Similarties Between Triple H And Vince McMahon’s Leadership

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Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque has taken well to his new WWE roles, but he’s not too far off the same path as Vince McMahon, according to Kurt Angle.

It’s been a year of change within WWE’s executive team. Vince McMahon’s retirement on 22 July saw Stephanie McMahon, Nick Khan, and Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque step forward into their respective new roles, with McMahon as Chairwoman and co-CEO alongside Khan, and ‘The Game’, now, as Chief Content Officer.

In his new roles, though, Levesque is displaying several similarities to Vince McMahon. Kurt Angle discussed the pair’s shared style of working on the latest broadcast of The Kurt Angle Show, addressing how they both hired a team they respected:

“I haven’t seen him [Paul Levesque] in so long and to see him in his new position. He’s doing really well with it. He’s very comfortable. He hired a big team underneath him to take care of everything that he needs taken care of, kinda like Vince did.”

As Kurt Angle continued, he explained how Triple H has thus far either hired or given promotions to his long-time allies in D-Generation X:

“So he hired Road Dogg, part of Generation-DX [obviously meaning D-Generation X. He’s got his boys there and I think that’s great because they all have great chemistry.”

Since being thrust into his new executive role, Paul Levesque has thus far rehired Brian ‘Road Dogg’ James to the company in the role of Senior Vice President, Live Events. Shawn Michaels, meanwhile, recently received a minor promotion to Senior Vice President, Talent Development Creative.

Kurt Angle returned to WWE programming recently, appearing on the 29 August broadcast of Monday Night Raw. Recreating a hilarious backstage segment with former rival Edge, the Olympic gold medalist also shared some milk with The Street Profits.

H/T to Wrestling Inc.