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Kurt Angle To Appear On Weekly Podcast

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle has announced that he will be embarking on a podcast series with Conrad Thompson, as part of Thompson’s weekly schedule.

The Olympic gold medalist has a long and decorated career in professional wrestling. From his debut with WWF to his main card ascension with the company. Angle would become a multiple-time World Champion in WWE, before going to become one of TNA’s top stars. He is a Hall of Fame recipient from both companies and one of the most critically acclaimed pro wrestlers of all time.

Angle, who retired from in-ring competition in 2019, announced via Twitter that he would be joining Conrad every Sunday to dive into his illustrious pro wrestling career:

“It’s True. It’s damn true. I’m taking the 3 i’s to the podcast world, as I join @HeyHeyItsConrad to take a look back at my most memorable matches & moments.

@TheAnglePod debuts Sunday 2/7 everywhere! Catch Ep. 1 WrestleMania 19 right now at http://AdFreeShows.com”

The first episode will cover WrestleMania 19. Angle would appear in the main event against Brock Lesnar, losing his WWE Championship to ‘The Beast Incarnate’. In a move that is still a part of multiple highlight reels to this day, Lesnar would deliver a mistimed Shooting Star Press to a prone Angle, resulting in a severely concussed Brock.

In 2003, Kurt Angle was in drastic need of neck surgery. Despite WWE Chairman Vince McMahon advising against it, Angle insisted on performing at WrestleMania that year, in order to drop the Championship to the ‘Next Big Thing’, Brock Lesnar.

Recalling the match in an interview in the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, Angle remembers seeing Lesnar land and knew something was wrong:

“The first thing I thought when he landed on his head, I said, ‘Shit! I’m gonna have to hold the title for another month.’ The reason why I lost to him, I was supposed to have a good title run for a while and I broke my neck again and I had to have surgery.

Vince McMahon, he wanted me to drop the title to Brock the week before on SmackDown and just get crushed. Just an F5, 1-2-3 pin. Brock would just pin me real quick and I called Vince and I said, ‘Listen let me wrestle.’ And he said, ‘Well, we gotta have a doctor clear you’.”

The show is set to debut worldwide on February 7th, however, it is available now at AdFreeShows.com