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Kurt Angle On Which Former WWE Team Could Have Been The New Team Angle

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WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle has discussed which WWE team he wanted to work with and turn into the new version of Team Angle.

When Angle was WWE Champion at the beginning of 2003, he was aligned with Paul Heyman who gifted the Olympic gold medallist his very own team. Team Angle was comprised of Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas and the two impressive athletes helped Angle in his struggles to keep hold of his title, particularly when it came to Brock Lesnar.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show [available early and ad-free at AdFreeShows.com] Angle first discussed the possibility of managing Otis and Chad Gable and says he turned down the opportunity to be in the corner of current Raw Tag Team Champion Riddle:

“I wouldn’t mind doing it, not only are they great amateur wrestlers but they’re very entertaining too, especially Otis. I think I might have been able to be a part of that but it started after I left the company. There wasn’t a possibility of me coming back and managing them.”

“The WWE did offer me to manage Matt Riddle but I didn’t take it at the time because I had other commitments. Otis and Chad Gable that would’ve been awesome, we would’ve had a lot of fun doing those segments.”

This is not the only time Kurt Angle wanted to cross paths with fellow Olympian Chad Gable in the men’s WWE career. Angle revealed he wanted to turn Gable and his former partner Jason Jordan into a new version of Team Angle:

“I wanted to do that, I’m not sure why Vince didn’t decide to do that. Instead, he made Jason Jordan my son and Chad Gable had no relationship to me whatsoever. I would’ve probably done the opposite but I also think that those guys would’ve been the new Team Angle.”

“It would’ve been a really good run, I’m not sure why Vince didn’t want to do it. It’s actually very disappointing because Team Angle didn’t get to the level it could have. Team Angle only survived for like eight months, it wasn’t a long period for that faction so to reignite it with Chad Gable and Otis or Jason Jordan would’ve been incredible. I think we could’ve done that for three or four years and had a great run.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.