Kurt Angle – “The Attitude Era Was Definitely The Best Era Of Wrestling”

Kurt Angle Thumb

Former WWF Champion Kurt Angle has revealed that the WWF Attitude Era crowds were the very best and hottest audiences he’s ever worked in front of.

With professional wrestling on the incline after a mesmeric slump during the early-mid nineties, fans began to flock in their droves to support anarchist Stone Cold Steve Austin, lambast cocky heel The Rock, and break it down with vigilante group D-Generation X as the industry became cool to support once again with its new found attitude.

Instead of having to offer free tickets to events in order to pack out arenas around the country, the World Wrestling Federation were having to turn away their devotees who flocked to arenas. It was these often red-hot crowds that Kurt Angle has cited as the best throngs he’s ever performed in front of.

Taking to his Kurt Angle Show, ‘The Olympic Gold Medalist’ talked about the WWF Attitude Era afficiendos and how business across the board was up:

“It was definitely the biggest and hottest crowds. It was a huge time in the business, it was the Attitude Era, pay-per-view buys were up, TV-ratings were up. House attendance, ticket sales were up. Every Superstar on the roster was over – we were stacked, our roster was completely stacked. The Attitude Era was definitely the best era of wrestling.”

Kurt Angle made his WWF television debut at the 1999 Survivor Series against Shawn Stasiak, right in the middle of a baying Attitude Era mob. The same herd who were responsible for the theft of his prize gold medals which, with the help of Vince McMahon, he managed to retrieve.

Credit for the interview: The Kurt Angle Show