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Kurt Angle On Advice Vince McMahon Gave Him Upon Joining WWE

Kurt Angle Vince McMahon

Kurt Angle shared the surprising piece of advice that Vince McMahon gave him when he first joined the WWE.

As an Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle had no lack of legitimacy when he began his career as a pro wrestler. However, being a comedic character played a big part in helping Angle rise to prominence as quickly as he did.

In a recent interview with WhatCulture Wrestling, Kurt Angle revealed that his decision to show his humorous side on television came directly as a result of advice from Vince McMahon.

“What Vince McMahon told me was, ‘You’re an Olympic gold medalist. You’re a badass. Everybody knows that, so you can be as funny or as dorky as you want, but when you get in the ring, you can be a serious competitor.’ I took that to heart, and I thought you know what I don’t have to, I can show my nerdy side, my funny side as much as I want to because everybody knows when I get in the ring, it’s gonna get serious.”

However, Kurt Angle revealed that Vince McMahon doesn’t like for characters to be silly for too long, and that he let him know when it was time to get serious.

“I had the ability to go further than others. Vince doesn’t like wrestlers who get too hokey and too funny because he doesn’t think the fans will take them seriously. With me, I was able to do that. Eventually, Vince McMahon sat me down and said ‘we’re done with the funny stuff. We’re gonna do the Wrestling Machine from now on.”

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