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Kurt Angle Rules Out One More Match

Kurt Angle makes his entrace.

In the final part of his interview with PWInsider, Kurt Angle discussed whether or not he has wrestled his last match.

Angle has not wrestled since losing to Baron Corbin at Wrestlemania 35, in what was billed at the time as his retirement match. But as we know, one of the most powerful phrases in wrestling, is ‘never say never’ so will we see Kurt Angle in active competition again?

When asked about his thoughts on possibly working with AEW and getting back in the ring one more time, the hall of famer appeared to close the door.

“I love AEW, you know, I love what they’ve been doing, I think they’ve got a lot of great young talent, they’ve done an excellent job so far. Would I be interested in doing it? I don’t know, I don’t have plans on wrestling. Every once in a while I do something for WWE, I kinda like that. Maybe somewhere along the line I might do something for AEW but I don’t have any plans to do that. I do want to move on with my life, you know, the same way I left amateur wrestling – I left and never looked back. I’m that individual that likes to move on and do something else so I’d like to put this career behind me and continue on.”

During the interview Angle again reiterates that he wanted one more run with the world title, and that he would have preferred to have faced John Cena in his fair well match.

“I wanted to make a return, have a title run, wrestle…have my Wrestlemania retirement match with somebody that was a legend or a Hall of Famer, or you know, someone that would be a future Hall of Famer like John Cena, so it didn’t go out as planned but I understood why.”

While he didn’t go out the way he wanted, the Olympic Gold Medallist does however acknowledge that retirement was the right choice.

“So I ended my career, Vince didn’t end it, I did because I knew it was the right thing to do. I just wasn’t performing at the level I wanted to.”