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Kurt Angle Says Wrestlers Need To Protect Their Finishing Moves

Kurt Angle Ankle Lock The Miz

Kurt Angle has shared his views that a finishing move should be as sacred as possible to a wrestler, calling it the most important thing to a wrestler’s character.

In days gone by a finishing move was a sure-fire way to end a match. As wrestling has evolved over the years, however, the sight of multiple finishers and near-falls occurring during a match has become more common.

In recent years multiple F5s, spears, and tombstones have been needed to end WrestleMania main events as competitors look to find ways to build new drama.

According to former WWE Champion Kurt Angle, this isn’t a good development. Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show [available via AdFreeShows.com], Angle commented on the importance of the integrity of finishing moves.

Angle explained:

“It [a finisher] is what the audience identifies you with, that submission hold or that pinfall is what they identify you with and you have to protect it. You gotta be careful about how many times you do it in the match and how many times you have an opponent kick out. It means everything, your finish move is the most important thing to your character.”

During his WWE career Angle was synonymous with the Angle Slam and then the Ankle Lock as his preferred way of defeating opponents. Angle used the Angle Slam to win his first WWE Championship from The Rock at No Mercy in 2000.

The Olympic gold medallist has also recently discussed the chances of him joining AEW. Angle also says there may be something in his future related to WWE.

Credit: The Kurt Angle Show via AdFreeShows.com

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