Kurt Angle Says SmackDown Clash Reminded Him Of Benoit Matches

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle has taken to Twitter to give his thoughts on a match from this week’s SmackDown. The Olympic Gold Medalist has picked out Daniel Bryan vs Cesaro for some high praise, saying it reminded him of his own matches with Chris Benoit.

Angle praised the technicality of the match, calling it a “masterpiece” with great submission trade-offs and false finishes.

“I watched an incredible match on #SmackDown last night between @WWECesaro and @WWEDanielBryan – A technical masterpiece with great submission trade offs and false finishes. Reminded me of my matches with Benoit. Great job guys. #itstrue”

Angle has previously been very vocal about how he believes Chris Benoit was one of the most talented wrestlers of all time.

Speaking on Talk Is Jericho in 2017, Kurt Angle stated he believed that Benoit was one of the top three.

“I’m sorry, but he has got to be in the top three of all time. I mean, you can’t deny that. I mean, even Bret Hart will tell you that. I’m not going to excuse any of the things Chris did outside of wrestling, but when he was in that ring, he was possibly the greatest of all time.”

Meanwhile, Cesaro’s return to the ring would see the Swiss Cyborg defeat former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan in a 12-minute, in the words of Kurt Angle, technical masterclass.

Full results from this week’s SmackDown are available here.