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Kurt Angle Says “Light As Can Be” Undertaker “Doesn’t Throw Potatoes”

Kurt Angle & Undertaker

Kurt Angle has detailed the stiffness of The Undertaker’s punches in the ring, saying he’s “as light as you can be” while recalling his clashes with The Deadman.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show on AdFreeShows, The Olympic Gold Medalist would say he “potatoed” – a term used for throwing a legitimate punch in the ring – The Undertaker “quite a bit” during their iconic matches.

The WWE Hall of Famer would praise the experience of The Undertaker, though, saying he’s “as seasoned as you get” inside the ropes.

“He [Undertaker] doesn’t throw potatoes [unintentionally legitimate strikes] the guy is as seasoned as you get, he’s as light as you can be. If anything, I ‘potatoed’ him quite a bit. I have a reputation for throwing stiffies.”

The comments follow on from Angle stating Undertaker was one of the two best big men he ever worked with, naming him alongside Kane as being “light on his feet” whenever they took a suplex.

“Kane was great, one of the best big guys I’ve ever worked with. What he did in the ring, he was incredible, a great athlete for his size. Him and Undertaker were the two best big guys I’ve ever got in the ring with. They weren’t heavy on their feet – they were light, they jumped for you when you would give them a suplex. They weren’t very difficult to work with, they were very easy to work with. That’s a huge compliment to anyone that’s that size in the business.”