Kurt Angle Says Jason Jordan Was “On His Way To Main Event Status”

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Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle has stated that on-screen offspring Jason Jordan would have been a main event talent had it not been for his career ending injury.

While serving as Raw General Manager in 2017, the storyline was concocted that former WWE Champion Kurt Angle had secretly fathered a WWE Superstar that was active on the company’s roster. Speculation ran rife that the identity of Angle’s son would turn out to be Chad Gable, however, the eventual reveal would see Gable’s American Alpha partner Jason Jordan unmasked as the star’s descendant.

What followed was weeks and months of Jordan living off of Angle’s legacy which eventually resulted in an unintentional heel turn when the audience grew jaded with his tale and presence, even with the implementation of Seth Rollins as his partner.

The original plan was for Jordan to face his faux parent at WrestleMania 35 and take the credit for retiring him after years worth of being without a patriarch. However, the former NXT Tag Team Champion suffered a career-ending neck injury which forced him from the ring following the 2018 Royal Rumble and the entire storyline was scrapped.

Now, Kurt Angle has taken to his show of the same name in order to discuss the storyline which was meant to culminate at WrestleMania and why Jordan, in his opinion, would have been a main event star had he not been forced from the squared circle:

“I was excited because I wanted to pair up with Jason and Chad when they were tag team partners. I wanted to wrestle and I wanted to be the world champion and have them be the tag team champions just like Team Angle. I thought it made a lot of sense and they decided that I was going to have an illegitimate son and they weren’t sure who it was going to be. They decided to pick Jason over Chad, I’m not sure why, it might have been a politically correct move.

I was happy, I was excited about it because Jason was improving. He was on his way to main event status until he hurt his neck, that’s when the program ended. I was stuck high and dry without a partner for the next WrestleMania [35] because that’s who I was going to wrestle was Jason.”

Following successful neck surgery, Jason Jordan eventually returned to the company in the role of producer and in the present his former tag team partner Chad Gable has attempted to recapture the glory of American Alpha alongside Otis as Alpha Academy.

Credit for the interview: Then Kurt Angle Show Podcast

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.