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Kurt Angle Reveals The Two Dream Matches That Eluded Him

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle has named the two dream matches he never got to have during his 20-plus-year career whilst giving high praise to a current WWE star!

Speaking to Inside The Ropes’ own Innes McVey during a recent AdFreeShows Q&A session, Angle opened up about why he believes Dolph Ziggler is a special talent due to his smaller size and versatility in the ring!

“I always wanted to work with Dolph. From the beginning when I came back to WWE, he was on my radar. The kid is such a special talent, he can do just about anything and I think that his size really helps him. He’s a little bit smaller, so he’s able to do a lot more. But I’ve always loved his work. I’ve been a big fan of him since he started and I would have loved to have a match with him.”

The Olympic gold medallist would go on to discuss that whilst Dolph was high on his list of dream matches, he wasn’t at the top. Those spots go to Daniel Bryan and Bret Hart, neither of whom Angle faced during his illustrious career!

“He wasn’t my dream match per se: Daniel Bryan was, or Bret Hart. But Dolph is right up there, without a doubt.”

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