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Kurt Angle Reveals ‘Tap Out List’ Of Stars He Never Faced

Kurt Angle

Inspired by Arya’s kill list in Game of Thrones, Kurt Angle has unveiled his own ‘Tap Out List.’

The list, shared by Angle on social media, features the names of seven wrestlers that he never got to tangle with during his two-decade long career.

The post is something of a who’s who of professional wrestling’s past and present. The list is topped by WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart, followed by Universal Champion Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, (Bryan Danielson) TNT Champion Miro, AEW World Champion Kenny Omega, CM Punk and Seth Rollins.

While Angle shared a ring with Seth Rollins at TLC in 2017 when he became an honorary member of The Shield, he never squared off against the former World Champion one-on-one.

Interestingly, it appears that one man who features on Angle’s list also had the Hall of Famer on a list of his own. During a recent appearance on Adam’s Apple, Kenny Omega said that he missed out on a “dream match” by never getting chance to face Kurt Angle.

The Olympic Gold Medallist later replied on Twitter, commenting that the match would have been a classic.

Meanwhile, speaking in a recent interview, Angle revealed that he had been offered “a couple of different contracts” by AEW. The former World Champion explained that after retiring at WrestleMania 35, Tony Khan attempted to get him to join the company on more than one occasion.

Angle stated that the first offer was for “many matches,” while the next was for three matches, and the final offer would have seen him appear as an on-screen personality.

The former WWE star has previously revealed that he is unable to return to the ring after a punishing career. Angle explained that he is in extreme pain all day, adding that he’s paying the price for his intense in-ring style.