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Kurt Angle Reveals Hilarious Reason He Was Eliminated First From Elimination Chamber Match

Kurt Angle

WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle has revealed the bizarre reason he was the first man eliminated in an Elimination Chamber match in 2006.

At New Year’s Revolution in 2006, the fourth Elimination Chamber match in WWE history took place as John Cena, Carlito, Chris Masters, Kane, Shawn Michaels, and Kurt Angle all entered the demonic structure with the WWE Championship on the line.

Surprisingly, the Olympic gold medallist was eliminated from the match first, ending his pursuit of Cena’s title. However, later that same week Angle returned to SmackDown in shocking fashion and captured the World Heavyweight Championship after Batista had to relinquish the gold due to injury.

Now speaking on The Kurt Angle Show [available early and ad-free at AdFreeShows.com], Angle revealed that his early exit wasn’t a result of being needed on the blue brand but rather a result of winning rock, paper, scissors with his fellow competitors:

“No, we didn’t know at that particular time (about Batista’s injury). And that’s not the reason I got eliminated early. The reason I got eliminated early was because I won paper, rock, and scissors (laughs).”

“We had a competition because John Cena was the champion; he was going to retain the title at Elimination Chamber. So the other five of us decided everyone wanted to get eliminated early. They didn’t want to last the whole match because they weren’t going to win. And I won paper, rock, scissors, so I got eliminated first. That doesn’t happen very often, but we did it that night.”

In the end, it was the young stars in Carlito and Chris Masters that went the distance with Cena in the end, with Carlito turning on Masters to thwart his efforts for the WWE Title before Cena rolled up the apple-munching star for the win.

The night did not end there however for John Cena as the headlines were still to be written. Following the Elimination Chamber match, Edge made history by cashing in Money In The Bank for the very first time to win his first WWE Championship.

h/t Sportskeeda