Kurt Angle Reveals How To Take The Stone Cold Stunner

Kurt Angle Thumb

Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle has outlined the correct way to take the legendary Stone Cold Stunner after being a recipient on several occasions.

The Stone Cold Stunner is one of the only finishing moves which can be taken a variety of ways. While the initial act is a simple kick to the stomach followed by a drop to the knees while your jaw is driven into the shoulder of the perpetrator, the magic is usually in the way the move is sold.

While some simply roll over onto their back, others have bounced from a kneeling position to look at the lights, landed flat on their face, stood in order to take a back bump or in the case of The Rock – arguably the best seller of the move – spring backwards onto the hands before landing hard with one or several rotations.

Now, Kurt Angle has spoken on his Kurt Angle Show in order to detail how to take the move properly without hurting your knees or losing a tooth:

“You have to time it [taking a Stunner], it’s not a hard move to take. [Steve] Austin grabs your head and sits on his butt, and when you go down you have to hit your chin off his shoulder and then jump up real fast and take a ‘neck-steep’ plunge onto the mat. It’s a lot of fun to take. There are guys who do it a lot better and guys who do it a lot worse. For the most part it’s a safe move and very effective”.

Kurt Angle and Stone Cold Steve Austin famously went to war over the WWF Championship in the summer of 2001 when ‘The Texas Rattlesnake’ betrayed the World Wrestling Federation and joined The Alliance which consisted of a combination of WCW and ECW.

While Angle only triumphed via disqualification at SummerSlam 2001, he would finally capture the gold from Austin at Unforgiven the month after when he forced the turncoat to submit to the Angle Lock in a moment of pure elation which saw his friends and family hit the ring to celebrate with the new WWF Champion.

Credit for the interview: The Kurt Angle Show