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Kurt Angle Reveals He Was Knocked Out For Real At SummerSlam 2000

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle has revealed that during the main event of SummerSlam 2000, he was accidently knocked-out for real by Triple H’s pedigree.

Speaking on the “Kurt Angle Show” on Ad Free Shows, Kurt Angle broke down the match, which was a Triple Threat for the then WWF Championship between The Rock (C), Triple H and Kurt Angle.

Before The Rock made his entrance for the main event, Angle and Triple H fought at ringside, Triple H delivered a Pedigree on Angle on the commentator’s announce table, which broke prematurely.

Angle reveals that it was actually already in the script to be “knocked-out”, but not for real! Triple H’s pedigree as vicious as it may look can be controlled safely – but nobody factored in a botchy announce table on the night.

To go back and explain, that was supposed to happen – I was supposed to pretend to get knocked out.

I was to be backstage and then come back for Stephanie [McMahon] and help Triple H try to beat the Rock. She wanted me to help, that was the idea.

The thing is, it happened for real. I got knocked out, I mean really knocked out.

When Triple H went to hit the Pedigree, he goes down, up and down with the timing, so you can time it when you hit, land on the ground. So when he went down, the table broke early and he had my hands, arms trapped behind my back, that’s how he locks it.

So I landed four feet below, straight with my head on the concrete. And I was out – Triple H was trying to get my attention, I was just out of it. So Triple H improvised, tried to work on me and beat me up a little bit, while I don’t think Rock was out yet.

As the saying goes, the show must go on…And so The Rock made his scheduled entrance for the match and by all accounts it all went to plan from thereon in.

Angle successfully re-entered the match midway through to cause all sorts of shenanigans with Stephanie McMahon and a sledgehammer, let’s not get into who hit who or, you know, who may have deserved it.

The Rock came out and they wheeled me back. I was supposed to be wheeled back, and we were supposed to do a pre-tape backstage.

Stephanie says ‘Kurt can you go back out there, you gotta help me!’, and I had to say ‘only for you Steph, I’ll do it for you’. Problem is I got knocked out, and when I had to do the pre-tape, Stephanie would tell me what I had to say and I would say ‘okay’, and 30 seconds later I’d say ‘what am I saying again? I don’t know what I’m saying’.

I couldn’t compute what I was going to say, I couldn’t remember. So it was a complete nightmare. I don’t remember any of it. But the match came across really good, the outcome was Vince thought I hit a homerun that day.

Regardless whether Kurt believes it was a mess, Vince McMahon thought it was a home run, as did the WWE Universe with the 2000 SummerSlam PPV being hailed as one of the best.