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Kurt Angle Retired Move After Getting It Wrong – “I Didn’t Hit It Right”

Kurt Angle.

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle is widely regarded as one of the greatest technical wrestlers to step foot in the squared circle, and the Olympic gold medalist has opened up about hoe he never used a move again after not hitting it right on Shawn Michaels.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show – which is available via AdFreeShows, Angle opened up about his aggressive variation on the Angle Slam, and how hitting it on Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 21 forced his hand to retire the variant.

Kurt Angle would hit an Angle Slam on HBK into the steel ring post, admitting he didn’t actually have Mr WrestleMania lined up properly.

“Well, he didn’t hit his hamstring. He hit his ass. I didn’t have him lined up properly, and I went backward and Shawn; it was a little lower on his body, but it did the job. It made sense. There was nothing wrong with the move, whether I hit his lower back or his ass. I think the fans got an idea of what I was trying to do.”

“But it’s a vicious move and, because I didn’t hit it right, I never used it again. But it was great; actually, Shawn came up with the idea, and we used it because Shawn came up with it, and I thought it was awesome. I was like, ‘You know, I can use this as a heat spot anytime I want to stop a wrestler, but when I didn’t hit the move right, I decided not to use it anymore. So, that was the first and last time I used it.”

Angle also recently revealed how he pitched a new Team Angle in his final run with WWE.

h/t Sportskeeda