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Kurt Angle Refuses To Rule Out In-Ring Return

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle has hinted that a return to the ring isn’t out of the question, although he currently has no immediate plans to step back inside the ropes.

On April 7th 2019, Kurt Angle wrestled his last match. Or did he?

Ever since he walked out out of the ring at WrestleMania 35, Angle has been vocal about his final in-ring run with WWE being less than satisfactory. He later described his final match with Baron Corbin as “filler,” expressing his disappointment at not getting one last moment with the World Championship.

However, despite this, the WWE Hall of Famer has been adamant that he won’t be returning to the ring. But speaking on a recent episode of his podcast, The Kurt Angle Show, available via AdFreeShows, Angle has hinted that a return isn’t totally out of the question.

The former World Champion explained that he had recently lost a lot of weight, getting himself into the best shape of his life, at least where looks are concerned.

“I gained a lot of weight during this pandemic,” Angle said. “I got up to 260 and I got my butt down to 210 pounds so I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in even before the Olympics as far as looks, not on a conditioning level or a strength level. As far as how I look, this is the best I’ve ever looked and I’m really happy with my progress.”

Continuing on, Angle explained that being inactive for a long period had taken a toll on him physically.

“Being out of wrestling the past few years, especially during the pandemic, I had a lot of physical problems,” Angle said. “A lot of problems I had from not doing anything, not working out as much as I did, sitting all the time, nothing to do, being stuck at home. I started to have a lot of back pain and knee pain and it got to the point to where I was like I probably won’t wrestle again.”

Expanding further, the Hall of Famer said that while he’s not planning a comeback, he wants to leave the option open. Adding that if he can recapture his form of from five years ago, it’s likely we’ll see him back in action.

“I started training hard again to get my body back in shape and, not that I’m planning on wrestling, but I want to keep the option open. I’ve been training a lot of physical therapy training, working on my smaller muscles, my core, everything like that. I lost a lot during this pandemic, I couldn’t even walk in a straight line, my balance was off, my strength was off and I was going through a really difficult time. I went through a lot of depression too.

With all of that, I’m trying to work myself into pretty good shape. I don’t expect myself to be what I used to be 10 years ago but I would take 5 years ago over anything. If I’m able to feel as good as I did five years ago, I will probably wrestle. But right now, I don’t plan on it.”

Speaking in 2021, Angle admitted that he was struggling with being in pain on a day-today basis, explaining that he “didn’t care” about his famous neck injuries while wrestling. He also revealed that he had been offered “multiple” contracts by AEW since he left WWE.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the the transcription.